Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

With high unemployment rates and a sluggish economy, most of us are eager to make a few extra bugs. If you are having trouble finding a job or cannot leave the house due to lack of transportation, children, inconvenient schedule, or other circumstances, consider pursing a career in the home. There are many scams advertising high earning potential jobs from home. Although you can make a decent living working from home, it is important not to fall victim to get rich quick scams. All work at home jobs require you to actually put in the work. It takes commitment, dedication, determination, persistence, and a niche to succeed in the home at home industry. 

Choose the Right Field

When seeking a work at home job, narrow down the fields that interest you the most. Some women have been successful selling items such as skin care products, jewelry, makeup, candles, crafts, scrapbook kits, and even food. If you are interested in sales, there are telemarketing positions through reputable companies that hire people to make and receive calls. Some of these companies pay an hourly rate, while others are solely commission. If you are crafty, consider selling your items on auction websites or other marketplaces. Etsy.com is a free website that allows people to sell various handmade items. Data entry, medical coding and billing, and customer service jobs are also available online. 

Never Pay for a Job

A legitimate work at home job will never require you to pay any money upfront to begin. However, certain jobs may have equipment requirements. Research any job before applying or giving personal information. If it is a scam, chances are other people are already posting complaints on the internet. 

Network With Others

There are boards dedicated to helping people find work from home. Whether it is starting your own business, working as an independent contractor, or getting hired as an employee, networking with others can provide potential job leads, ideas, application tips, and even a reviews of various companies and their reliability. The Work At Home Mom forum (WAHM) is a free site that has extensive information for anyone interested in jumping into the world of working from your home. Don't let the name fool you...the information is definitely not exclusive to moms. There are other forums, blogs, and websites that can also help you get started.